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How to Find Home Interior Products at the Wholesale Level Without Having to Actually Sell Them

Have you been looking to buy some Home Interiors products cheap but don’t want to sell them yourself? Are you looking for that low wholesale pricing? Well I’m writing this article today to tell you how that is possible.First you will need to become a consultant, no there are no high start up fees or any hidden costs and no you won’t have to sell anything. But by becoming a consultant you make yourself eligible to purchase the products at the wholesale level. Once you have become a consultant you have to purchase a first order, usually this is less than $200. Your first order is usually discounted even further from the wholesale order so you will get even bigger discounts. Unfortunately these are usually a one time deal to get you started. After purchasing your first order this holds your consultant status for 3 months which means you have at least 3 months of buying the product at the wholesale level. After the three months is up however you need to make sure you are purchasing $150 worth of product every 3 months to keep you contract and consultant status, if you’re like me this is not hard at all. Broken down that is $50 a month. If you find yourself a little short on orders ask some family or friends if they want to purchase anything at your discount.To become a consultant you will need to get in touch with a current consultant to have them sign you up. You will need your date of birth, social security number (yes they give you a 1099 form at the end of the year), and mailing information. You can find a consultant by going to their webpage or listed at the end of this article is my webpage to sign up if you like (I get back with you within 12 hours unless on a weekend). Beware however some consultants will not sign you up under them if they know you are purchasing for your personal self and not planning on actively selling the product. I sign anyone up because I am given a 2% commission on the sales but all that really amounts to is $1 a month if you are only purchasing the $150 every three months. I don’t deny anyone for any reason. After you’ve become a consultant you can go right online and place your order if you need help with this the person that signed you up can help walk you through it which you may want to do anyway to get some really good deals. A lot of times there are discontinued products you can buy at even lower rates or upcoming sales that you will want to get in on if you don’t know about them but your consultant who signed you up would know all of these things and I’m sure is more then willing to help you out.